Why Copywriting is More than Just a Boring Marketing Job

Content Marketing

When my time as an English major ended and I entered the professional world last May, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I applied for an online copywriting job simply because my writing skills qualified me and the company was located near my home. I played it up as a great opportunity. But I was secretly grateful the job was just an internship. I could try something else (what, I still don’t know) in case copywriting turned out to be like it sounded — one-dimensional and painfully boring.


For most of my college career, I dreamed of a glamorous life in the publishing world as a book editor. I dismissed marketing and advertising as an industry for underachievers. I wanted to publish words that artfully communicated truth. Marketing would be a cop-out option with its attempts to persuade people with petty, manipulative slogans.

I quickly realized, however, that I had no connections to get me into the quickly-shrinking publishing field. When I heard that I landed a copywriting internship, I was thrilled to simply have a job. Nevermind the fact that it was at at an online marketing company.

I kept an open mind as I started working, and I realized the benefits of copywriting and content marketing:

  • I wrote all day, every day, which forced me to improve my sentence structure and idea conceptualization more than I ever did in my undergraduate career.
  • To write about something, you have to deeply understand it. I learned about topics that I would never research on my own, from information technology to fashion design to video production to air guns.
  • Most importantly, I found out why my skills are needed. Businesses need their ideas spread, and content marketing is the hottest way to do it. Writers help the world communicate ideas and build relationships.


What I didn’t realize about marketing for most of my life is this: it can be truthful and artistic. One of my strongest desires in life is to build meaningful relationships. Who would have thought I could do it with a marketing job? My blog posts spark new ideas, my Web pages improve user experiences and my social media posts encourage interaction.

And I don’t have to be manipulative or boring. The more creative and true my writing, the more effective the marketing. My writing and communication skills are desperately needed in the content marketing world, and I get to facilitate relationships while using my greatest talents. Far from the slow death I expected to experience in marketing, I am more motivated than ever to write creatively and purposefully.


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The Beginning: English Major to Professional Writer


Through this site, I hope to share my writing experiences, goals, and achievements. Currently, I’m a Copywriter / Online PR Specialist at Fathom,  a digital marketing and analytics agency. Sounds exciting, right?

No; really, it is. People pay me to write for them. It’s an English major’s dream job. And I wouldn’t want to be paid to do anything else right now.

A year ago, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my soon-to-be-earned English degree. But I told myself I wanted to edit so I wouldn’t have to make the seemingly life-determining decision of going to graduate school. So, I lost myself in applications to entry-level editorial job openings across the country. Through a connection from my alma mater, Hiram College, I was plucked out of the application mess as a copywriting intern. I didn’t know anything about marketing or online copywriting at the time, but I now value the experience more than any of my jobs.

I write every day. All day. It’s exhausting. And it’s difficult. But my writing has improved significantly, from word choice to sentence structure to voice. Plus, I get to learn about the Internet. As a recent college grad in her twenties, I’m an eager embracer of the Information Age. How could I not enjoy a deeper understanding of that great knowledge source – the World Wide Web?

Through the Internet marketing industry, I’m perfecting my writing skills for the online audience and implementing SEO techniques to online content strategies. I’ve gained experience writing for education, healthcare, manufacturing, and other verticals, allowing me to become an expert in writing the following forms of optimized content:

  • Blogs
  • Social media posts
  • New Web pages
  • Current Web pages
  • Press releases

As I’ve progressed to my current position, I’ve written for clients such as degree programs and sports stores. I’ve learned about topics that I wouldn’t have researched on my own – IT, fashion design, literature for dyslexic children, air guns, and running shoes. By continuing my training in writing and initiating an education on new topics, online copywriting has been an ideal transition from undergraduate studies to the professional world. It’s a quickly growing company and industry, so the fast pace and high expectations, similar to those of school, push me to achieve my best.

I left Hiram College with little direction for my future. Now, I know that writing is my passion. It excites me, motivates me to communicate ideas that move people. Now that I know I love writing, I can pursue my dedication to spreading knowledge and truth through the art and science of writing.